Published On: Wed, Dec 5th, 2012

Nigerian oil tycoon Folorunsho Alakija takes Oprah’s place as richest black woman in the world

Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, a Nigerian billionaire oil tycoon, Fashion designer and philanthropist is now the richest black woman in the word, according to report published by Ventures Africa, an African business magazine and news services.

Alakija, 61, is worth at least $3.3 billion- contrary to a recent Forbes Magazine ranking which pegs her net worth at only $600 million. She is $500 million richer than media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, whose wealth estimated at $2.7 billion in September.

Folorunsho Alakija is the founder and owner of Famfa Oil, a Nigerian oil company which owns a 60 percent working interest in OML 127 that produces about 200,000 barrels a day.

Alakija, was born into a wealthy, polygamous Nigerian family. She started out her professional career in the mid 70s as a secretary at the now defunct International Merchant Bank of Nigeria, one of the country

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  1. Mchia Michael says:

    From a secretary to an oil woman!

  2. Horlamykunle says:

    That is good to hear. Alot will be motivated to work harder but i will advice her to be more of giver for God to crown her effforts with success hereafter…. Congratz

  3. OSAS says:

    a nigeria oil tycoon? hmnn!!! many water don pass through…… na so i go talkam reach ooo, u know what i mean naaa no bi nidja? anythings they happen there naa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. precious Andre Williams says:

    Richer than oprah am so happy, not just dat 500million$ richer a nigerian yoruba woman, words cant xpress how i feel that she is been ranked in d world richest black woman. Keep it up make more funds and also dnt forget God.

  5. lamewre says:

    I dont believe dis news

  6. oluwayemisi says:

    A̶̲̥̅♏ so much impressed

  7. emeka etoh says:

    Great to hear at least we can hear one good newz 4rm nigeria even if is nt tru

  8. when will Africans ever cherish what they have. those that are saying they don’t believe should not be considered as Africans and should also be considered as enemies to the growth of Africa.

  9. xin says:

    Richest black woman in in the world is a nigerian..this woman cn even loan a whole state 1 million naira each…ask urselves wt as she done to support nigeria as a whole…orphans..less priviledge…if she has leats we shld be hearing her name all over the news by now….poor people getting poorer nd rich gettin richer…ptchew

  10. ahmed doguwa says:

    This her wealth is a waste of nigerian resources.this money will not help anybody

  11. GHK says:


  12. Fina Adams says:

    Congratulations madam. Just share d impact.

  13. dammy says:

    wat has she done to help the less privilege, anyway, congrats bt isnt abt bn richest bt abt changing and touching other life postively, b4 u could hear any white man bn ranked as the richest they would av done so many things 4 poor ones. Anyway, owo epo gbogbo wa naa ni…

  14. kabiano says:

    @Dammy. Igbadun your quote lol

  15. Nonso says:

    Im nt interested in all these thing.i wil only value a person by how much help he /she has gvn 2d less priviledge,d destitute.

  16. Statesman says:

    Wonderful, and I am happy for her.But don’t sit on it.Help others.

  17. Ademola says:

    Nigeria is d richest in African. Our leaders use our wealth to rotate within dere 1 family not relative, we’re full of beggar, homeless, strugle 4 education, no employment and less privilege. Can we know there contribution to all dis problem cos is our wealth?

  18. regina says:

    i and what has she achieved for fellow nigerians. An oil tycoon and we are experiemcing fuel scarcity.

  19. Ejiofor says:

    Gud 2 hear but hw many companies and factories does she have in nigeria.
    May be she learn some investment mentality from Dangota

  20. paul says:

    Blessed is the hand that giveth…may your well never run dry!

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